A screen print of Historic Halifax by artist Michelle Saintonge.

Lower Water St.

Anyone who visits Nova Scotia will likely have travelled along this road. It’s home to the country’s oldest brewery, Keith’s brewery, and the old Farmers Market. My family regularly went to this farmers market; early every Saturday morning. It was always jam packed wall to wall with people. One funny memory I have is of us waiting in line at the bread stall. It was the most amazing bread and the line up was very very long. I guess they used to let dogs into the market back then because there was this beautiful German Shepard in line with it’s owner. The Shepard was having his best day because no one except me noticed him licking ALL the bread in the crates stacked up beside the stall! I decided to not buy bread that day.

Reproduction screenprint on archival canvas coated with a non-yellowing, UV resistant, topcoat for added protection, durability, and print life. Each print is gallery wrapped on 1.5" thick bars for that museum quality look.