Custom Portraits of pets, people or plants.

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Who is this?

This is me, Michelle, the artist. I'm an unapologetic animal enthusiast. In fact, before art I studied ethology (animal behavior). As it happens I taught myself watercolor painting on a whim a few years ago and I loved it. Many of these paintings are a labour of that love; long, long, stretches of time to finish them. But I did it all for you so I hope you enjoy them.

Random facts about the artist

That time when I was on Martha

Once upon a time I had the pleasure of doing two segments of live TV with Martha Stewart. I showed her how to screenprint DIY style. It was fun and exciting. She was tall and beautiful. 

Sometimes You'll find me in Austin

I'm Canadian but when I get the winter blues I head to Austin. It's fun, vibrant, and full of lovely people. If you go there I guarantee you'll eat well, drink well and strangers will become friends. 

I used to be a screenprinter

I call myself a recovering screenprinter. For about 15 years I printed and printed and printed. Always with big screens and always by my little old self. So eventually my back started to ache and then it really never stopped. So I don't print any longer. But that's ok. I fell in love with painting watercolours. 

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